Saturday, September 5, 2009

You might have seen me there. I just dropped a load of celery.

I made it home. I got home about a week ago after lots of waiting and waiting at Fort Dix. There was a lot of downtime between appointments so I tried to make the best of the time and do some sightseeing with the other people who were also stuck at Fort Dix.

I went to Gettysburg, PA and Hershey, PA. We went to the Harley-Davidson factory in York, PA and a couple Harley dealerships. Okay. A lot of Harley dealerships.

I'm just trying to get the proper gear and parts for when I get the "new" motorcycle running. I figure I won't even need a job if I get the bike going. It can't cost that much to drive around on a bike and sleep in a tent right?

I was able to come home a few times on leave. On one of those trips I met some people from my squad at Six Flags Great America and we spent a day there.

I was also able to go to a Phillies game and sit in some really good seats.

I also made it to a Tigers game last week while I was in Flint.

Right now I am back in Chicago. I'm getting my Commercial Driver's License and I'm going to be hauling celery for a while. I am still looking for a full-time engineering-type job but the celery will hold me over in the meantime.
Thank you for all of your support while I have been deployed. It was a really good deployment over all.

I'm going to buy a five gallon tub of peanut butter,


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Powerplay XLT185 said...

I'll supply the raisins...we have lots 'cause the goats like 'em too :)