Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where We Live

We have been doing a lot of classes recently in between missions. Someone plans the missions for the nights and the classes for the days though. I think you can guess how the classes end up.

We still get our rest out on mission though.

We have moved to some new barracks now where we don't have the Internet and TV. We also have 30 room mates instead of one so it's been a little adjustment.

The above picture is of moving day. I'm sure you can hear the voices now, "Mine's the green bag. Have you seen it?" "Yeah, it's right next to the camouflage one."

The picture below is our new building taken from the bunker out front. It's an old Iraqi barracks and it has four rooms connected by two courtyards.

It's not really too bad of place to live and the reason we are living there is because our time is getting short. We had to move out of the CHU's so our replacements could move into them.

And of course we did a little exploring of our bunker out front. I was sure we would find some weapons of mass destruction but we didn't. We did find a lot of bird poop though. I suppose that could eventually be made into a WMD.

So we are close to coming home but I don't know any dates yet. And if you haven't already, stop sending mail. They are telling us we probably won't get it now that we have moved to our new barracks.

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